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Rozzy Plaza - Skate/BMX Park

9:00am to 9:00pm

Rozzy Plaza - Skate/BMX Park

Rozzy Plaza was developed by young people for young people, since its opening event the park has become a popular attraction across the North East with over 700 memberships completed.

Experience the parks, street section and ramps, designed for beginners, intermediate and experienced users.

The park itself is run in conjunction with the Hartlepool Youth Support Service, a team of youth support workers at hand to address issues and needs of young people, also developing and encouraging young people in their chosen interests.

Encouraging creativity and participation in this unique environment, activities include, Skate park development, young people taking a leading role around decision making and event planning, personalised edits with photography and computer workshops, accredited activities and social enterprising.
Annual Membership: £1.00
Due to the nature of the sport and activities, age restrictions apply:

Age Range: 8 years to 20+ years.

Recommended Timings

8-12yr olds      3:30pm to 6:00pm Monday to Friday and 9:00am to 11:00am Saturday to Sunday. 

12yrs old and above outside of theses times, dependent on experience and skill levels of individuals.
It is solely for use by Skateboards, BMX, and Skates.

  1. This facility has been designed for the use of non motorised or electrical equipment i.e. skateboards, BMX bikes and skates.
  2. Please note that the Skatepark is not designed for the use of scooters and use of these will result in damage to the Skatepark surface and is likely to place users at significant risk in relation to injury. 
  3. The Skatepark is not suitable for children under 8 years of age. 
  4.  All persons who use this facility do so at their own risk
  5. HBC take no responsibility for any loss or damage to any equipment whilst using the facility.
  6. This facility must be used for its intended purpose along with appropriate
  7. Appropriate protective clothing and helmets must be worn at all times
  8. This facility is not to be used in wet or icy conditions. The Skatepark will be closed if conditions are not suitable for use.
  9. Consider the needs of other users of the Skatepark and Rossmere Youth Centre including all residents when leaving.
  10. In the interest of safety, do not bring dogs, glass, drugs or alcohol into the area.
  11. The Skatepark & Rossmere Complex is a Hartlepool Borough Council designated “NO SMOKING AREA”
  12. Use of the Skatepark whilst under the influence of alcohol or drugs is not permitted.
  13. Place all rubbish in the bins provided and keep the Skatepark tidy.
  14. Graffiti in the Skatepark will not be tolerated. Keep the Skatepark surfaces clean. Any graffiti will result in the Skatepark being closed down whilst it is removed.
  15. Any unacceptable behaviour both inside and out of the Skatepark will result in exclusion from the Rossmere complex.
  16. A valid individual membership must be held in order to use the Skatepark. These are available from Rossmere Youth Centre.
  17. One membership = One person entry to site.

Monthly Meetings at Rozzy Plaza

Rozzy Plaza will be holding monrthly meetings the first Saturday of each month.  Rossmere Youth Centre 3:00pm to 4:00pm.  Meeting open to young people, parents, community members and stakeholders.

The meeting will be an opportunity to update, discuss development,s raise any issues/concerns and receive information on opportunities to get involved.

Any inquiries or information regarding Skate Park please contact: Peter Robinson, Young Person Support Worker, Skate Park Development Officer, Rozzy Plaza Skate Park, Rossmere Youth Centre, Rossmere Way, Hartlepool, TS25 5EB.  Tel: 01429 273741

This information has been provided directly by the organisation/ service provider. However, it is still always a good idea to contact them to check nothing has been changed.

Who to contact

Michael Eastwood
Skate park support worker
01429 273741
Alternative telephone: 01429 405989

Where to go

Venue address
Rossmere Way
TS25 5EB

When to go

25 Jul 2011 to 31 Dec 2020

When is it on?

Date & Time Information
9:00am to 9:00pm
Session Information
Monday 09:00 21:00
Tuesday 09:00 21:00
Wednesday 09:00 21:00
Thursday 09:00 21:00
Friday 09:00 21:00
Saturday 09:00 21:00
Sunday 09:00 21:00

Other details

Age Range
From 8 years

Journey Planner

Address: Rossmere Way  HARTLEPOOL 

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