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A child may be given a diagnosis at any time during their life and some children may never receive a diagnosis. It is important to understand how each child or young person is affected by their symptoms and how best to support them.

The aim of this stage is to ensure that parents are given clear explanations about their child’s disability or special educational need, how it may impact on their lives and information on services available for their child and support available for them as parents. Services are based on the needs of the child rather than the presence of a specific diagnosis.

The diagnosis should be given in a face-to-face meeting with parents followed up with a confirmation letter. For any diagnosis that is not given within 3 months of initial contact, a letter is written to parents explaining why the diagnosis is delayed and when it will occur. The meeting should cover the following:

  • The special educational need or disability and how it may/will change over time
  • If no diagnosis is given, the reason for this
  • Any further tests that need to happen
  • What medical checks will take place, how often, where and by who
  • Details of the medical or nursing care that will be provided, how often, where and by who
  • Where to get more information about the disability, including reliable and trusted websites
  • Options for counselling for parents
  • What support is available including short breaks, counselling for parents and support groups (these may be specific to the condition)
  • What support is available to the rest of the family

Useful Links

Carers and Disability Benefits
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The Children's Hub
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Provision Types

U - Universal services are available to all children & young people and can be accessed without an assessment.

T - Targeted services are for children & young people who may need additional support to access services, or may need groups or services that are specifically designed to meet their needs. Some targeted provision can be accessed directly with or without an assessment.

S - Specialist services are for children & young people with severe and/or complex needs who are likely to require even more support than is available either through universal or targeted services. This service will require an assessment of need.