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Early years and starting school

The aim of this stage is to establish early networks and guarantee a smooth move into childcare and school, ensuring that families continue to receive support and services early on to help minimise difficulties in the future in line with the Special Educational Needs (SEN) Code of Practice.

Key working functions are significant at this time to ensure that parents are aware of childcare options and early year’s services.

When new services are started, with parental consent, the family will be provided with a copy of the One Plan to ensure that any new professionals are aware of the child’s needs so that the parents do not have to retell their story unnecessarily.

Services are focused on providing early intervention and support to prevent bigger problems later on in life, such as behaviour management and independence training. Parents are trained, where necessary, for example to provide medical care, operate equipment and to use behaviour management techniques. The ONE Plan is reviewed periodically to check that the outcomes previously stated by parents, are being met.

Moves such as starting childcare or early education services and starting school will be planned with the team around the child and parents. A plan is drawn up for each move and will reflect the outcomes for the child. It also contains practical information such as transport arrangements for getting to and from school.

Meetings are held, and services delivered, in appropriate venues where the professionals are located which are convenient for the family. For the delivery of health and therapy provisions this could be at a health centre or children’s centre for pre-school children and later, at school for school age children.

Any change in key workers is planned in advance and carefully managed in advance to ensure a smooth handover.

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Provision Types

U - Universal services are available to all children & young people and can be accessed without an assessment.

T - Targeted services are for children & young people who may need additional support to access services, or may need groups or services that are specifically designed to meet their needs. Some targeted provision can be accessed directly with or without an assessment.

S - Specialist services are for children & young people with severe and/or complex needs who are likely to require even more support than is available either through universal or targeted services. This service will require an assessment of need.