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Growing up, puberty and moving to secondary school

Adolescence is a critical time for all children and one where new challenges can present themselves. The aim of this stage is to ensure that young people have a smooth transition into secondary school and receive the information they need to support them.

The team around the child and the family meet together to plan the move to secondary school as part of the ongoing review of the EHC Plan. This meeting  is also used to review existing services and progress towards outcomes.

A review of the plan is conducted during Year 7 with the family, the team around the child and teachers present as part of the Annual School Review of the young person.

Support for young people to be provided during adolescence – sex and relationships education is provided for young people with disabilities, and support for families, is given via the school and/or school nurse. Some young people may need a more specialist approach by the learning disability nurse.

True inclusion is experience by the young person through social opportunities, including after-school activities and access to careers advice, which the young person is actively encouraged to access.

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Provision Types

U - Universal services are available to all children & young people and can be accessed without an assessment.

T - Targeted services are for children & young people who may need additional support to access services, or may need groups or services that are specifically designed to meet their needs. Some targeted provision can be accessed directly with or without an assessment.

S - Specialist services are for children & young people with severe and/or complex needs who are likely to require even more support than is available either through universal or targeted services. This service will require an assessment of need.