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Eldon Grove Academy

Please contact the school for further details.

Eldon Grove Academy

Eldon Grove Academy is a community school for pupils aged 3 - 11 years.

Flexible Free Nursery Entitlement:  Eldon Grove Nursery offers a fully flexible nursery.

All school aged pupils are required to follow the National Curriculum, though this is only part of the broad and balanced curriculum offered by Hartlepool Schools.

In primary schools, the National Curriculum comprises English, Maths and Science.  The other foundation subjects are history, geography, technology, music, art, french and physical education.  In addition, schools have statutory requirements to teach religious education to all pupils, unless pupils are withdraw from the subject by parents.

The headteacher is responsible for the leadership of the school.  All enquiries about school policies and the services available in a school should be made to the headteacher.  Headteachers are supported in their role by members of teaching staff, non teaching staff, the school governing body and by the Child and Adult Services Department.

Governors make major decisions regarding the school's curriculum, its budget, the staff and the premises.  The main function of the governing body is to help raise standards at their school.

Any difficulties or complaints should be dealt with by the school.  The head of school or member of senior management team will attempt to resolve the matter informally.  If the complaint cannot be resolved in this way, then a letter should be written to the Chair of Governors, forwarded via the school or the Children's Services Department.

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01429 273895

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Eldon Grove Academy
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Eldon Grove
TS26 9LY

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Please contact the school for further details.

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