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Children's Physiotherapy Service - North Tees & Hartlepool NHS Trust

Children's Physiotherapy Service - North Tees & Hartlepool NHS Trust

There are a number of reasons why children meet with a physiotherapist, generally they treat children who have injuries such as broken bones, sprained muscles or ligaments. This is usually only needed for a short time until the child recovers.
Physiotherapists also work very closely with children who have special needs and learning disabilities. They assist children develop skills such as rolling, sitting, crawling and walking.
Children who have chest problems such as asthma and cystic fibrosis and joint problems such as arthritis also need a lot of support from the physiotherapy team.

Who are the physiotherapists?
The physiotherapists working with children are highly skilled and experienced in the assessment and treatment of children, they are called Paediatric or Children’s physiotherapists.

What can you expect from a physiotherapist?
When you meet with a physiotherapist they will discuss with you the problems and listen to your concerns.
They will assess what the problems are and together you will agree goals for treatment.
They will set out a treatment plan. They will train and advise you and anyone who provides care regularly on the daily management of these problems. This may be advice on how to use any seating and equipment or how to do the exercises needed. 
Where can you meet with the physiotherapist?
You may see a physiotherapist in a variety of settings including:

On the children’s ward or in children’s out patients
In schools or nursery
At home (if deemed necessary by your physiotherapist)
They may also see you jointly with other professionals such as paediatricians, nursing staff, occupational therapists and teachers. 

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Who to contact

01429 522810

Where to go

Name of venue
University Hospital of Hartlepool
Venue address
Holdforth Road
TS24 9AH

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Address: Holdforth Road  HARTLEPOOL  CLEVELAND 

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