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Unicef Baby Friendly Initiative

Unicef Baby Friendly Initiative

The Unicef UK Baby Friendly Initiative is based on a global accreditation programme of UNICEF and the World Health Organisation. It is designed to support breastfeeding and parent-infant relationships by working with public services to improve standards of care.

  •  Our staged accreditation programme trains health professionals in hospitals, health visiting services and children’s centres to support mothers to breastfeed and help all parents to build a close and loving relationship with their baby irrespective of feeding method. We also work with university midwifery and health visiting programmes to provide students with a strong foundation of knowledge on feeding and parent-infant relationships.
  • It is the first ever national intervention to have a positive effect on breastfeeding rates and to provide evidence-based support for parents who formula feed, free from commercial interest.
  • We supports units to transform care by:
  • Setting standards, which provide a roadmap for sustainable improvements
  • Providing training and personalised support to help services implement the standards
  • Assessing progress by measuring the skills and knowledge of health professionals, as well as interviewing mothers to hear about their personal experiences of care.
    • Our work is based on extensive and resounding evidence that breastfeeding saves lives, improves health and cuts costs in every country worldwide, rich and poor alike. The UK programme responds to the particular barriers to breastfeeding that mothers in the UK face. Thanks to this work, breastfeeding initiation rates have risen by 20% since the Baby Friendly Initiative was established.
    • The Initiative has revolutionised care for babies and their mothers; for example, thanks to our work, simple practices that help new babies to feel loved and secure, such as keeping them close to their mothers and encouraging skin-to-skin contact, are now the routine in almost every hospital across the UK.

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