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FREE Gas Boiler through Warm Up North

FREE Gas Boiler through Warm Up North

Free Gas Boiler Subject to eligibility and survey.

What's Warm Up North?

It's a scheme helping households throughout the North East save energy and money by improving the energy efficiency of their homes, making them more affordable and warmer.

About the offer

Warm Up North is offering full fitted gas boilers for free, subject to eligibility and survey, to people who really need the, that is, people on certain benefits, with a lower income and an inefficient gas boiler.  We want to make sure you can keep your home warm.

You don't have to be a Britich Gas Customer.

  • Your boiler typically accounts for half the cost of your energy bills, so replacing your boiler with a new A-rated gas boiler and heating controls could save you around £340 every year.
  • As part of the offer you will received HomeCare Central Heating CareTM for a year worth up to £228, which covers your boiler, controls and central heating system, should you have anybreakdowns within the year. (Terms and Conditions apply).

There are some conditions though, so you need to check if you qualify or not.

  • To get a free gas boiler, you must receive certain benefits.
  • You need to own your own home, or have a private landlord(if you rent)
  • Your current gas boiler needs to be inefficient, for example 8 years old or more.  That's because if your boiler is already energy efficient, you won't see any real improvement.

Qualification Criteria

You or someone in your household may qualify if you receive:

  • State Pension Credit
  • Child Tax Credit (and have an income of lss that £16,010, not including benefits)
  • You may also qualify if you receive other benefits, find out which ones by visiting our

How it all works

1 Check that you qualify

Please check our list for eligible measures.

2 We'll check the energy efficiency of your home.

We want to fit new gas boiler where they'll make the most difference.  So to qualify for this offer your gas boiler needs to be inefficient, for example it's 8 years old or more or not functioning efficiently.  You may sloe qualify depending on how well insulated your home is.

3 We'll come and survey your home

4 We'll fit a new gas boiler for you

If you qualify, subject to the survey, we'll fit your home with a brand bew "A" rated gas boiler for free.  If you would like us to fit radiators or your new gas boiler in a different palce we will charge you for that.  But we'll let you know what the costs are before we start

 What You Need To Do

Please call free on 0800 316 4320 lines open Monday to Friday 9am - 7pm or visit

This information has been provided directly by the organisation/ service provider. However, it is still always a good idea to contact them to check nothing has been changed.

Who to contact

0800 316 4320

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