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Facilities: Showers Lockers Sports Hall Dance Studio Fitness Stuite 3G Pitch Gym   We have been unable to confirm the accuracy of this information with the organisation/ service provider. We advise you to contact them to confirm details
01429 284864
Headteacher: Mrs Lynne Pawley Rossmere School is a community primary school for pupils aged 3 to 11 years. Free Flexible Nursery Entitlement: Rossmere Nursery offer full flexible places.  Able to accommodate all parents needs. All school aged pupils have to follow the National Curriculum, though this is…
01429 274608
Finance - Finance planning is essential to ensure that your costs are covered and your setting is sustainable.  This section provides you with fact sheets and useful resources to assist you with financial planning which you can download below: Cash Flow Template - Termly Cash…
01429 523195
Business Planning - Business planning is important for a successful business.  It allows you to manage the business.  This section will provide you with some downloadable fact sheets and useful resources to assist you with financial planning. Below are our template files available for download:…
01429 523195
About Harbour's counselling programme offers support to victims of sexual abuse or rape. Qualified counsellors work with males and females aged 18 and over on an individual or group basis.   Specific Details This is a free service   Date & Time Dates and times…
03000 20 25 25
Harbour Children's Outreach offers group and one to one support for children and young people who have experienced or who are still living with domestic abuse or other chaotic lifestyles. They also work with young people in schools to signpost them to promote healthy and…
03000 20 25 25
About The Freedom Programme is a 12 week course that helps women to understand the beliefs held by abusive men and the effects of abuse upon children.  The programme is available to females over 18 only.   Date & Time Varied    Safeguarding Staff have current…
03000 20 25 25
About Harbour Hartlepool Refuge has 6 self contained units, as well as a room to accommodate emergency overnight stays. The refuges can be accessed 24 hours a day and staff provide support and guidance to women and their children.  Specific Details This is a free…
03000 20 25 25
Harbour's Adult Outreach Service provides telephone, one to one and group support for women and men who have or are living with domestic abuse. This is a free service Dates and times vary depending on individuals needs. This information has been provided directly by the…
03000 20 25 25
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