Welcome to the Special Education Needs and Disability Home page. As part of the Children and Families Act 2014, the local authority has a requirement to publish information, advice and guidance in relation to Special Educational Needs and Disability. The page has been split into four core areas to enable you to navigate the webpage and find the information you require.

You will find useful information from Education, Social Care and Health in the following sections, together with information on parent support.

Comments, Complaints & Compliments Procedures

Co-ordinated Assessment

Information and Guidance

Personal Budgets

On the SEND Home page you will also find the link to the local offer of services, which will provide you with an array of services and providers covering 0 – 25 years both within the local area and regionally to support families of children with special educational needs and/or a disability.


Special Educational Needs and Disability

Independent Supporters

Available to assist Parents, Carers, Children and Young People

HARTLEPOOL Information, Advice and Support Services

Specialist individual support to parents, carers, children and young people who are involved in an Education, Health, and Care (EHC) Needs Assessment.

Trained Independent Supporters will work with you throughout the assessment period. They can explain each stage, help you to get your views across and ensure you take an active lead role in this process

Independent Support in Hartlepool will be jointly provided by Hartlepool Information, Advice and Support Services and in partnership with Hartlepool Carers.

Hartlepool IASS will work with families of pupils up to the age of 25 years who are new to the EHC needs assessment process, Statement transfers, Post 16 transfers, Complex requests and for families requiring ongoing support.

For further information please contact us on: 01429 284876 or email: HARTLEPOOLIASS@hartlepool.gov.uk or contact Sue Harrison on 01429 283095 or email: susan.harrison@hartlepoolcarers.org.uk

What does an Independent Supporter do?

Independent Supporters will provide parents and young people with time limited help to support the parent or young person during the EHC needs assessment and planning process.

The role of the Independent Supporter is to:

  • Help the parent or young person to understand the local EHC assessment process and local offer
  • Act as an independent and impartial contact person for the parent or young person throughout the EHC assessment and planning process
  • Focus on the task of helping parents and young people to be fully involved in the transfer of a statement of SEN to an EHC plan (transfer reviews)
  • Work with parents of children who are new EHC requests and/or young people (and their parents) who are coming up to school leaving age
  • Liaise across a range of local services with the parent or young person to help gather information required for the EHC plan
  • Provide information to parents and young people on personal budgets
  • Signpost parents and young people to Hartlepool Information, Advice and Support Service when the issue is outside the remit of the Independent Supporter role.

Local Offer of Services Survey

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To make sure that the Local Offer is helpful and easy to use, we are working with service providers, parents, carers and young people to make sure that the Local Offer is fit for purpose. The Local Offer will continue to develop and change to meet need.

We would like to hear from as many people as possible to make sure we get it right. Your comments are important to us, therefore if you have a few minutes to spare, please complete this form as fully as possible and send to childrenshub@hartlepool.gov.uk.

You can check the local offer of services by going onto the direct link: http://hartlepool.fsd.org.uk/send

For information on local help and support go to www.hartlepoolnow.co.uk


Hartlepool Local Offer

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