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Childcare Checklists

Childcare Checklists

There are so many things to think about and remember when you visit a childcare provider – the right questions to ask, things to look out for - while at the same time gaining an overall impression of the setting. 
It’s a good idea to have a think about the things you may want to know and the questions you may want to ask when you go to visit a provider.  By going prepared it will help you remember some of the key things you want to find out in order to decide whether they will be suitable for you and your child.
Use these questions as a guide.  You will know yourself when a childcare setting feels right.  Your child’s behaviour will also give you a good indication of how they feel in the setting.  
We would always recommend you visit as many providers as you can so you can get a feel for the day-to-day routine of different settings. This will also help you to compare some of the things you like or dislike in a childcare provider.  Visit when it is in full flow and, if possible, make a return visit so you can see the setting at different times during the day and week.

Below are checklists with helpful information you may need to remember (pdfs)

Childcare Checklist - Childminders and Day Nurseries (pdf)

Childcare Checklist - Out of School and Holiday Care (pdf)

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