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Free Nursery Entitlement for Eligible 2 Year Olds

Monday to Thursday 8.30am to 5.00pm, Friday 8.30am to 4.00pm (answerphone available outside of office hours)

Free Nursery Entitlement for Eligible 2 Year Olds


Free Nursery Entitlement (FNE) – What is it?
Some 2 year old children are entitled to receive free nursery sessions.  These can be taken in a school nursery who delivers 2 year old provsion or with an approved day nursery or childminder.

What is my child entitled to?
Your child is entitled to receive 570 hours free nursery education per year.  This equates to a maximum of 15 hours per week for 38 weeks per year (term time only) or 11.5 hours over 50 weeks.  You do not have to take up the full entitlement however you are encouraged to do so. 
Do I have to attend a session every day?
No, settings and schools have been required to offer the free nursery entitlement more flexibly.  The offer of 570 hours can be stretched over a longer period of time but less hours per week will be available free.  For examples of how this may be taken please consult your provider or ring Kim Rowntree on 01429 284881.
When will my child become eligible for a free 2 year old place?
National guidelines dictate the following:

A child born between:

Will be eligible for a free place from:

1st April and 31st August

The start of the autumn term following their 2nd birthday until statutory school age. (September)

1st September and 31st December

The start of the spring term following their 2nd birthday until statutory school age.  (January)

1st January and 31st March


The start of the summer term following their 2nd birthday until statutory school age.  (April)

Can my child attend more than one setting?
Yes, 2 settings can be used, however we would encourage that your child stays with one provider as far as possible as it is important for the child to have consistency and stability. 

Current Childminders who currently have 2 Year Funded Childcare.

N.B All other childminders who have a good or outstanding Ofsted grade can deliver 2 year funded childcare.


Contact Telephone Number

Alison Fothergill


Andrea Turner

01429 421986

Sharon Howe

01429 860881

Diane Brunt

01429 425461

Sarah Barber

01429 278876

Clare Smith

01429 277519

Mary Thompson


Andrea Hornsey


Yvonne Coombs

01429 280586

Kay Copeman

01429 231449

Dot Shepherd

01429 870448

Katherine Jones

07504 420412

Janet Lawton

01429 890135

Sarah Linton

01429 270966

Chamene Turner


Amanda Bruce

01429 289234

Samantha Gowland


Elizabeth Gray

01429 421038

Cheryl Blakey


Margaret Storey

01429 862511

Susan Ross

01429 293528

Lynn Young

01429 235695

Dawn Pedley

01429 297542

Patricia Harland


Sally Hart


Jayne Todd


Karen Miller

01429 278785

Katy Lee


Marjorie Spence

01429 870955

Sarah Thomas


Amanda Smith

01429 275060

Mary Thompson

01429 271690

Tammy Fleet


Kay Mason


Chamene Turner


Private providers delivering 2 year funded childcare.

Setting Address Postcode Telephone Number
Aldersyde The Parade TS26 0DS 263891
Playmates 55 - 57 Murray Street Ts26 8PQ 272500
Playmates Rossmere Children Centre, Rossmere Way TS25 5EB 272500
Little Stars Kilmarnock Road TS25 3NU 868008
Footprints Tees Street TS24 8HA 261122
Lonsdale 22 Grange Road TS26 8JB 861400
Lonsdale 130 Grange Road TS25 8JJ 278482
Starfish King Oswy Drive TS24 9PA 273273
Cheeky Monkeys Mapleton Road TS24 8NQ 266377
Kiddikins Hindpool Children Centre, Hindpool Close TS24 0TB 288285
Ready Steady Grow Elwick Road TS26 9NP 890729
Leapfrogs Miers Avenue Children Centre, TS24 9JG 07756 797585
Little Treasures Kendal Road TS25 1QU 221832

Schools delivering 2 year funded childcare. 



Telephone Number

Brougham Primary School

Brougham Terrace


Stranton Academy

Southburn Terrace


West View Academy

Davison Drive


Grange Primary School

Owton Manor Lane


Lynnfield Primary School

Grosvenor Street


Eskdale Academy

Eskdale Road


Rossmere Primary School

Catcote Road


St John Vianney Primary School

King Oswy Drive


Rift House

Masefield Road


St Helens

Durham Street


How will the places be funded?
The places will be funded by the local authority with payment made directly to the provider.  If your child takes less than 15 hours per week, the payment will be adjusted pro-rata. 

A parent is not expected to contribute towards the costs of their free entitlement, it should be free at the point of delivery.  A childs’ free entitlement however does not cover any additional services that the setting may offer eg. extra hours or transport, you will need to speak with your provider to discuss any charges for this.
Will the nursery session(s) my child receives be of good quality ?
Yes, providers offering the free nursery entitlement must be registered with Ofsted.  Being registered means that the provider must comply with the requirements of The Department of Educations’ Code of Practice on the Early Educationand Childcare.  The provider will be subject to an inspection by OFSTED, the organisation which also inspects schools to make sure that the child is being educated appropriately.   Local Authority staff work closely with settings to develop and enhance the learning environment and experience for your child.
How can I apply?
To apply for your child’s 2 year old free nursery entitlement complete an application on 

You may be entiled to a 2 year old Free Nursery Entitlement place if you are receiving one or more of the following:

  • Income Support
  • Income Related Job Seekers Allowance
  • Income related Employment Support Allowance
  • Universal Credit
  • Support under part VI of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999
  • The guaranteed element of State Pension Credit
  • Working Tax Credit with a total annual income that does not exsceed £16,190
  • Have a current SEN Statement or an Education, Health and Care plan or claim Disability Living Allowance for the child
  • All 2 year olds that are looked after by the Local Authority, adopted, fostered or have a special guardianship order

If you are entitled to a place the Free Nursery Entitlement Officer can be contacted on 01429 284881.

Please note that the free nursery entitlement is not a guarantee of placement with a particular provider, it is a guarantee that a free place will be available for your child in Hartlepool.  
The local authority will carry out checks as part of their remit to ensure that a child is not claiming more than their full entitlement.
If you have any enquiries regarding your child’s free nursery entitlement, please contact the Children's Hub on 01429 284284.

This information has been provided directly by the organisation/ service provider. However, it is still always a good idea to contact them to check nothing has been changed.

Who to contact

The Children's Hub
01429 284284

When is it on?

Date & Time Information
Monday to Thursday 8.30am to 5.00pm, Friday 8.30am to 4.00pm (answerphone available outside of office hours)

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