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Personal Budgets are a key part of person centred care and support.  A personal budget is the mechanism that in conjunction with a plan enables the child/adult and their advocate, if they have one, to exercise greater choice and control over how their care and support needs are met.  It is crucial the process for establishing a personal budget is transparent and robust so that people can easily understand how their personal budget has been calculated and feel confident that the allocation is correct to meet their care and support needs.

Who can receive a Personal Budget?

  • Parents of a child/young person with a disability
  • Older people (aged 65 or over)
  • People with disabilities who are aged over 16
  • Unpaid carers aged 16 and over, including those with parental responsibility for a child with a disability

Managing a Personal Budget

There are different ways in which a personal budget can be managed:

  • The family/individual can choose to take the personal budget as a direct payment and manage it themselves (with options for support to do this available)
  • The family/individual can ask the local authority to manage it on their behalf
  • The family/individual can choose to have a mix of the options, part direct payment and part organised by the local authority

In Hartlepool there is a support/brokerage service who can manage the personal budget on the families' behalf.

In all instances, there should be a common approach to personal budgets that:

  • Everyone including families understands;
  • Any funding identified as part of a potential personal budget can be taken as a direct payment, and
  • The allocation of a potential personal budget will relate to amount of support the individual child needs to achieve identified outcomes.

For more information please speak to your social worker if you have one or go to